March, 2013

Everything has been on hold for the last few weeks while I’ve been basking in the sun. Except there wasn’t all that much basking. We moved around a lot (I blame my husband for that), and I had to take care of the edits for my September Harlequin Super Romance. Which, strangely, I enjoyed working on. Plus, I didn’t have to shovel snow or put on ten layers of clothing to poke my nose out the door. And as always, the best part of going away was arriving home.

I have a fabulous book trailer I won from the film maker, Maggda Olchawska. She’s a dream to work with. As soon as I figure out how to get it on my website, you can see for yourself what she’s created.

Spring is almost here! Yeah!  

I received the title for my September/2013 Harlequin, Super Romance – When Adam Came to Town. I love it. The title has a big story feel to it,and taking into consideration the word count of Supers has gone back up to 85,000 words, that’s a good thing.

New Year, new website!  Enjoy.