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July, 2015

Ordering the Right Cemetery Memorials

People choose to be remembered in different ways. Some people just want to be cremated. They might like the idea of their ashes scattered in a particular location, or they might be interested in being kept in a keepsake urn. Other people want to have a physical memorial that their families can visit and that even some historians might want to visit. There are different types of memorials that people can choose. Some people might want unusual memorials. Other people are going to be interested in the classic cemetery memorials California.


Memories at the Cemetery

There are lots of reasons why cemetery memorials have some of the most enduring popularity. Cemeteries are public places. While family members are going to visit them, lots of other people are going to visit them at different points. People like to casually walk around cemeteries in some cases, which are very well-landscaped areas. People who get cemetery memorials California are really going to feel as if they are still a part of public life in some way, even if they are only participating indirectly in a very small way.

Cemetery memorials can literally come in many different shapes and sizes. Some people are going to want very large and impressive gravestones. Other people are going to want gravestones that are relatively small. The larger ones are going to cost more money, and it does often come down to cost for a lot of people. However, it is still possible to get these sorts of items on payment plans. Cemetery memorials are not going to be cheap at the best of times, but there are many people who believe that these elaborate memorials are certainly worth it for them and for their families.

The more elaborate gravestones are going to manage to stand out more in the context of a cemetery, and this is going to have an effect on how many visitors a grave gets. Some people will just pause and look at the graves that appear to be impressive to look at, even if they had no personal connection to the person in question. This might be an appealing idea for some people. Lots of family members want to externalize their love and their grief, and a very elaborate gravestone is sometimes going to work for them emotionally in that regard. It all depends on the people involved and how they are going to react.

It is with deep regret that Kate’s family posts the sad news of her passing. Her Obituary can be found here.


March, 2015

We did it! My book, Only You, was selected as a Kindle Scout winner. Kindle Press will be publishing it sometime in the next few months. If you voted, you already know this! When you receive your free copy, please remember how important reviews are to authors.

February was a lonnng month for me. It required more work than I’d anticipated to keep Only You on the Hot & Trending list. The book slipped off a couple times, but thanks to YOU! it hopped right back on.

Now I’m working on Claire and Ethan’s story, the next book in the Wyoming Home series. If you want to know when that book is finished, sign up for my newsletter. (See sign up to the right) I don’t send newsletters out often, promise!

Thank you to everyone who supported me with the contest. 

January, 2015

I need help from my readers! Only You is now complete and I’ve entered it in a writing contest called Kindle Scout, which is sponsored by Amazon. If enough people vote for the excerpt they posted of my book, and the entry becomes “hot & trending”, Amazom may contract the book. Which would be a tremendous boost for my writng career.

Please, if you have a few minutes, visit Kindle Scout and if you enjoy the excerpt of my book, VOTE!!!

 The contest begins January 25 and continues into February.

I’ll drop back to let you know how the book fared. Thank you for your support! 

November, 2014

I wanted to share the cover of my next book, Only You. This is the first book of a new series called, Wyoming Home. That’s right, it’s a western contemporary romance. I had a wonderful time writing Maggie and JD’s story.

The book is still in its editing stage, so it may be a while before it’s available, but I’ll let you know when it is! For now, here’s the cover.

Finally free of her lying, cheating husband, Maggie Kennedy is taking control of her life. First up she needs to find a sperm donor for the baby she’s always wanted. She needs a real man, and cowboy country looks to be the perfect place to fill that order. Specifically, JD Cooper, whose powerful masculinity, tempered by intelligence and humor, makes him the ideal candidate.

JD disagrees. The famous architect has been hiding out on his brother’s ranch since disaster struck three years ago. He doesn’t want a child. He doesn’t want to fall in love. And he definitely doesn’t want to be part of Maggie’s Next Great Idea. 

October 2014

I have no idea what happened to September. I’ve been busy getting my new box set, Stolen Hearts Trilogy, up and running. I’ll post the links to it in a bit.

 I’ve also been working on a new book, the first of a new series. It’s a cowboy romance, folks! So far, I’ve decided to call the series Wyoming Home – I think. I hope to have the new cover and the book finished by November. I had such a good time writing it.

Okay, here is the trilogy of my books. You’ve probably read all of them, but if you haven’t this is a good deal at $5.99! The books are available at all retailers, including Goggle Play.


August. 2014

My Harlequin Super Romance, To Be a Dad is in stores now! This book is Teressa and Dusty’s story, characters from my previous Super, When Adam Came to Town. Hope you enjoy the book!

I’ve posted the buy links that I could find below. I’ll keep looking for the Barnes & Noble one.


July 14, 2014

To celebrate the launch of our boxed set, we’re having a Facebook party Monday, July 14. Lots of interesting and unique prizes! Plus, you get to chat with the authors. Hope to see you there!


July 12, 2014

I’m excited to announce I’m part of a boxed set of eleven romances, Romance Super Bundle, II : Second Chances. It’s on sale now for only 99 cents.


July 4, 2014

This is my week for pleasant surprises! My book, In Plain Sight, is a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Review, 2014 Kindle Book Awards!

I’m going to attempt to post the shiny semi-finalist button here!