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March, 2014

I've been traveling the last few months and still am. Believe it or not, there are still places in the world where internet is not readily available and/or reliable. (I've been kicked off three times in the last half hour!)


I've just sent in the final edits (fingers crossed) of my July Harlequin Super Romance, now titled To Be a Dad.

 And In Plain Sight, the third book in my Stolen Hearts series went live on Amazon last night!

In Plain Sight

Rafe Pascotto reluctantly agrees to help his brother-in-law, FBI Special Agent Vince Gage, by keeping tabs on a suspected international jewel thief. Reluctant, that is, until he meets beautiful Bridget O’Neill.

Within minutes, Bridget recognizes Rafe for the rube he is, hooks him and publically hangs him out to dry. Unbelievable the man has come back for more because he thinks she needs protection. She’d enjoy the joke if she wasn’t so busy running from a past that’s about to catch up to her.


Below is the Amazon link. As soon as the book is live at Nook, Apple and Smashwords, i'll include the buy links.

Amazon: In Plain Sight

Smashwords : In Plain Sight

itunes : In Plain Sight

Barnes & Noble : In Plain Sight

November, 2013

Yikes! It's the end of November already. I've been busy. I just sent my next HQN Superromance to my editor. Lean On Me (working title) is set in the small fishing village of Collina, the same setting as When Adam Came to Town. It's Dusty and Teressa's story, and let me tell you, those two gave me grief! The book doesn't come out until next July, but my edits should arrive in a week or two, so back to work.


I'd also love to get the edits done on my next romantic suspense, In Plain Sight, book three of the Stolen Hearts series. Hopefully, the book will be ready to be published sometime this winter. If you want to be kept in the loop, you can sigh up for my Newsletter.


October 4, 2013

LAUNCH PARTY!!!  MONDAY, October 7, 2013

We have books to give away, gift ceritificates and prizes.


We're excited because our Romance Super Bundle - ten books on sale for 99 cents! - is selling so well already.

All ten authors will be dropping by to chat at various times of the day. Every hour we'll be giving away something. Amazon  and Starbucks gift cards. Hard copies of books and ecopies.

Come join the fun! Starting Monday, the 7th.

 Facebook Launch Party Page


September 29, 20013

Look What I'm Up to Now!

I was extremely fortunate to be invited to participate in publishing a ten book boxed set. Sleight of Hand is one of ten romances, all for only 99 cents at the moment. The boxed set is on Amazon but will be published on most venues next week.

Grab your copy of TEN books now.



The Winner of my contest is Anita Hui! From Canada, no less. Congratulations, Anita.

September 3, 2013

I'm running a contest on my FACEBOOK page for  free copy of When Adam Came to Town. Drop by and say hello!



Romantic Times review, 4 Stars!!!!

WHEN ADAM CAME TO TOWN (4) by Kate Kelly:

When Adam Came to Town offers a refreshingly light writing style and a nicely paced story. Kelly does a really nice job depicting character issue. Sylvie's panic attacks and her worry over not being able to paint and Adam's worry over his past both ring true — without their inclusion being at all heavy-handed.  


When Adam Came to Town

In stores September 3rd.

Also available at Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Kobo/ Indigo/ Chapters


 August, 2013

I'm celebrating a new cover for my romantic suspense, Shattered. It's on sale for 99 cents.



His confidence shattered for failing to save his sister’s life, Detective Jay Rawlings insists he be left alone to live the lonesome cowboy life. But when the woman he once loved, Tess MacLean, returns to his ranch with a killer and the police in hot pursuit, Jay suddenly has to face the demons from his past. A past he would change if he could - starting with convincing Tess that their love deserves a second chance.

Always A Momentous Day!

At long last, the cover for my Super Romance due to hit the stores September, 2013.


Sylvie Carson has no idea what she's going to do with the rest of her life! Artistically blocked, she hopes a prolonged stay in the seaside village she grew up in will help her get over this hump. But when Adam Hunter moves in next door, things only get more complicated, not less. 

The artist in Sylvie is immediately intrigued by her new neighbor—the haunting lines of his face, the natural athleticism of his body. Maybe Adam is the muse she's been looking for…but his shadowed eyes suggest he's just one more person keeping secrets from her. Though Sylvie can't deny that Adam inspires passion in her, the last thing she needs is a romance…right?


April 21, 2013

Good News!

 Usually when I put an ebook on sale, I can only change the Amazon price easily. Because I’m Canadian, I use Smashwords to publish my books on Nook and itunes, which means I don’t have direct access that allows me to do things like lower the price quickly. Yesterday I marked down Sleight of Hand to 99 cents on Amazon, and then because I was fed up with not being able to offer the same on itunes and Nook, I took a chance and lowered the price on Smashwords, assuming the change wouldn’t go through for another two to four weeks.

 I’m happy to report I was wrong. Sleight of Hand is already 99 cents at itunes and Smashwords. Fingers crossed Nook gets the news soon.

Click on any of the above links to find the deal!




March, 2013

Everything has been on hold for the last few weeks while I've been basking in the sun. Except there wasn't all that much basking. We moved around a lot (I blame my husband for that), and I had to take care of the edits for my September Harlequin Super Romance. Which, strangely, I enjoyed working on. Plus, I didn't have to shovel snow or put on ten layers of clothing to poke my nose out the door. And as always, the best part of going away was arriving home.

I have a fabulous book trailer I won from the film maker, Maggda Olchawska. She's a dream to work with. As soon as I figure out how to get it on my website, you can see for yourself what she's created.

Spring is almost here! Yeah!  





I received the title for my September/2013 Harlequin, Super Romance - When Adam Came to Town. I love it. The title has a big story feel to it,and taking into consideration the word count of Supers has gone back up to 85,000 words, that's a good thing.


New Year, new website!  Enjoy.



















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Reading List


What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

An absolute pleasure to read.

 Escape by Barbara Delinsky

 Delinsky never disappoints!